Why I Created The PR Propellor

As far back as I can remember, small businesses have been an integral part of my life.

Growing up, I remember watching my father pour so much of himself into his business so that our family could thrive. His small business was such a big part of the fabric of our family.

As an adult, my entire world and community revolve around small businesses. My husband owns one. I own one. Most of my friends own the businesses that make our community strong. Collectively they are truly the fabric of our small corner of the world.

Understanding those experiences, and how they have shaped me, makes it unsurprising that I hold a deep rooted belief that the success of small business IS the success of our communities.

A true community is not just about being geographically close to someone or part of the same social circle. It’s about feeling connected to and responsible for the wellbeing of the group. We all play a crucial role. The older I get, the more that idea has taken root in my heart.

I have had the good fortune to experience a lot of incredible opportunities throughout my career. But through all my years working directly in media and PR, my heart kept calling me back to a broader purpose.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE PR. I’m passionate about it. I understand the critical role it plays in one’s success. But while I was busy executing PR strategies, I found myself constantly wanting to help the people in my community by showing them how THEY could change their own trajectory by implementing simple PR strategies.

I was finally able to connect all the dots and recognize that I’m being called to be of service to small businesses by giving them the tools to be successful. And just like that, Online PR Pro and THE PR PROPELLOR was born.

There are so many incredible small businesses in our world. Businesses that have the ideas and potential to dramatically change our society for the better. They all deserve to have their stories heard.

More than being deserving, I understand deeply that the more of our business stories that are heard, the better off we ALL are collectively. And the stronger our community.

It all comes back to community. This idea, I hold so dear.

My greatest hope is that I can help small businesses grow and succeed. And in turn connect and support my community. My local community. This Online PR Pro community. And the ultimate community of global small business owners.