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About Naz

What I have loved and learned about my 20-something years of working in the media, both as a broadcast journalist and as a public relations consultant, is that the industry gives you a voice.

It gives you the power of a platform. 

I have learned that newsmakers and game changers—businesses, organizations, or the people within them—can tell compelling stories and influence change from all angles through the media. It is all powerful.

Using marketing and communications tactics from over 25 years of experience in the industry, I’ve been able to drive growth and bring attention to causes in every category I’ve worked in:

  • sports, news and current events, government, health and philanthropy, food, fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, and more.

Earlier on in my career, I worked as a writer, reporter, producer, and on-air host for a national Canadian television network, Global TV. 

Later, I made the transition to work behind the camera in Toronto's public relations industry, initially at a high-profile firm, and then for Canada’s national broadcast network, CBC, as a publicist for non-scripted shows like Hockey Night in Canada, The Hour, and Dragon’s Den.

Eight quick years later, I moved back to the West Coast, launched a PR boutique, and had the opportunity to work with incredible clients at a national level. 

Today, I am beyond excited to draw from my work-life experiences to bring you Online PR Pro, helping you learn the tools to propel your business forward!

I’ve been in the media space my entire career and know that I can turn YOU into a PR PRO as well! The tactics I’ve practiced can be easily learned and I can’t wait to teach you how to turn your business into your OWN public relations success story.

Ready to discover game-changing tools that will help you realize your public relations potential?

Join me soon on THE PR PROPELLOR and learn how to be your own PR PRO!