Leverage Influencers

Leverage influencers

Use the power of social media by partnering with influencers to reach your target audience. Your target audience includes those who may be interested in your brand or niche.

Do your research before you engage an influencer - do they actually have a lot of engagement from their audience in their social media posts? If not, there is a good chance they have bought their audience, which will bring your partnership with the influencer zero value. Make sure their follower base is authentic, and their engagement is high before you partner with them, or hire them to promote your work.

Another component to be mindful about is gauging whether the return on investment on partnering with your influencer will be worth it. Will they bring you more sales? Will they bring you more traffic? I would ask them to share with you their previous successes with other partnerships before you sign up with them. Make sure they can deliver.

Software like Grin for example can be helpful by providing stats and tracking results from influence sites, giving you a good indication whether your influencer of choice has a successful track record.