IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET: Who is your target audience?

To reach your target audience, you must first define it. To define it, you need to understand your customer base. In fact, good marketing is about conveying the right message to the right people. And to do that right, you need to learn who your target audience is, and how to reach them effectively.

Your target audience is the group of consumers who will be interested in your product or service. To identify your audience, identify the traits or characteristics of those who need, or would like your product or service. What’s their gender, age, occupation, location, socioeconomic status, and education level? List detailed demographic and psychographic attributes and preferences to gain a better understanding of your target audience.

Then, dig deep to get a better understanding of where your customers get their information, their social media habits and who they follow. You can use your company's Facebook Insights or other social media analytics to provide this information.  

Another way to get information about the group is through direct market research. It’s a gold mine of information! There is so much valuable insight to unearth when you actually speak to and interview potential clients. You can tap into all your customers’ pain points, desires, needs, obstacles, dreams, and goals by asking a few important questions. 

By knowing what they want and like, you will learn how to reach them. Doing this can help you foster relationships with customers, which builds trust and loyalty. With trust and loyalty comes a higher chance of getting referrals and conversions.