3 C’s of Messaging: Is it clear? Concise? Compelling?

3C's of Messaging

It’s all in your messaging. If it’s not clear, concise, and compelling, you’ve lost your audience. 

The right messaging makes a world of difference when it comes to consumers connecting with your business. Keep in mind these crucial points before creating your messaging: 

  1. Know your audience inside and out
  2. Be in their heads. Your audience needs to feel like you are reading their thoughts, understanding their struggles, and offering the right solutions.
  3. Connect emotionally

When crafting your message, step out of your own shoes and into your customers. Don’t assume they know what you know. They don’t know about your expertise and the value it can bring them. TELL them in one sentence or two what you are selling, why they should care, and how your service will change their life for the better.

Use your market research intel to identify their pain points, then create a concise, clear, simple message that focuses on how your business offers solutions to their challenges.