Featured Business:
Theory + Essence

Our small businesses are the social fabric that make up our communities. Whether through click or mortar, sole entrepreneurs are the threads interwoven in our society. Entrepreneurs serve our economies in the form of commerce and delivering solutions, bringing joy and giving you access to expertise in order to heal, educate, inform, empower or enlighten….The list is long when it comes to the breakthrough and innovation hard-working entrepreneurs bring to society as a whole.

To celebrate the incredible businesses that make up our neighborhoods, once a month I’ll be highlighting small businesses that have made differences in my life.

In this inaugural feature, let’s celebrate the grand opening of Theory + Essence. Located in scenic North Vancouver, British Columbia, Theory + Essence takes on the avant-garde concept where dentistry and luxury skin care meet.

This family run dental practice, with state-of-the-art advanced technology, was founded 20 years ago by Dr. Farshid Shahbazi and his lovely wife, founder + director of the Medi Spa, Nazanin Shahbazi.

Recently, the dentistry added a stunning medi-spa portion in their breathtaking, brand-new space on Lonsdale where you can expect leading expertise in beauty and rejuvenation. Theory + Essence is the only officially recognized centre that offers the world-renowned Paris-based Biologique Recherche skincare program, as well as Dr. Burgener, Switzerland.

You know you are in good hands the second you step into the gorgeous surroundings, greeted by friendly staff. After the warm welcome, you receive an informative consultation with your skilled technician, and then off to their cozy and velvety soft treatment beds where your comfort is their priority.

Using premier product lines from Biologique Recherche and Dr. Burgener, impeccable injectable touch ups with the talented Dr. Scully Vanschalkwykk (who sculpts your face into perfection) and rejuvenating treatments from a team of highly skilled technicians that leave you relaxed and revitalized, the Theory + Essence team ensures your skin is glowing and glistening when you leave.

One of my favorite skincare treatments is the Radiance Hydra-facial MD for a deep, thorough cleanse, extract, and hydration. This treatment is best for sun damaged skin, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and lightening scars. It includes a Britenol Boost, which is clinically proven to gently nourish the skin, leaving it glowing, radiant and with a more even complexion. This treatment also includes LED therapy, which is known for remedying skin damage, along with other benefits.

My other favourite is the Dr. Burgener Swiss Royal Hydrating Facial. This treatment uses 100% pure Collagen powder, Fruit Acids, and Royal Jelly for long-lasting radiance. Studies show collagen powder can help decrease the speed of aging by minimizing both dryness and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s one of the most hydrating treatments I’ve experienced. My skin didn’t just look better, it felt so much softer to the touch.

Your skin will get noticed. Trust me.